Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Day

Last week, Portland was hit with a late winter snow storm.
Not alot of snow - but we are usually blessed with a layer of ice on all the roads with the snow.
Since my day job is at a school, I was lucky enough to get a snow day.
The morning was a bit mucky and I was grateful that I didn't have to drive - but as the day progressed, my hubby and I headed out on an adventure.

I am getting ready to convert one of the rooms in our home into a new art studio. Due to the type of work that we do, we are seperating the messy and the messier.
My husband does alot of work with sawing, drilling, sanding, etc.
I do the painting part.
So we are seperating the work space so that the power tools don't get mixed up with the paint brushes.
This is good for both of us
and especially good for our marriage - if you know what I mean!.
We need to change the flooring in the room that I will be taking over.
In an effort to do this as cost effectively as possible - we headed to a Portland treasure . . .
The Rebuilding Center is a thrift store for building supplies -
and it is a treasure trove for an artist!
When builders tear down and do remodels or . . .whatever -
they can donate the resuseable supplies to the Center for resale and repurposing.
This place is brimming with old cupboards, toilets, bathtubs, lumber, light fixtures, door knobs, shelving. . .
the list is endless.
Everything has been used - much is rather "dated" - and it is all cheap!
And I mean - cheap as in - "what a great deal".
And the RBC practices what it preaches in the construction of the builidng itself. Let's go on a little tour . . .

The main entrance - it's  cob construction and sculpted to look like old growth trees. So unique. I love it.
Look at the texture and detail on those trees. And all of the windows are reclaimed.

I love this look - Old paned windows "collaged" together to create a wall.

Doors, doors and more doors. There are rows and rows and rows of old doors. Just think of the murals that could be created!

Lumber, siding and flooring . . .oh my!

These would be just perfect for some weather garden stakes.

Need a window? Single paned? Multi-paned - more windows than you could possible imagine.

I love tis flooring - made with old doors - randomly cut and put together like a quilt. Old siding boards create a gorgeous walkway.

Unfortunately, we didn't find what we were looking for while we were there. And since we went on one of the coldest days of the year - and a good portion of the building is open and not heated, we didn't spend quite as much time as I would have liked - but it was a great field trip. And my creative brain was a hoppin' when we left.

Thanks for coming along on my little field trip with me!

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