Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time to Plant

We are getting ready for Spring.
Mr. Husband Man once again took my cryptic messages and scribbles on
napkins and built me some supports for planting peas and beans.
We've been ammending our beds and giving them a little compost.
I was allready to go out and start planting the peas this weekend -
and what do I wake up to this morning???
No! No! No!

Now I understand that it is still officially winter.
I understand that a garden is about patience.

This is ok -
I am a creative, artistic person.
I majored in theater, for crying out loud . . .
I can imagine!
I can close my eyes and imagine that all of that brown and sad parts of my yard
are full of lush green growth, with little pods of
sweet beans hanging off of them.
I can imagine the vines of squash and cucumbers climbing out of the
confines of the beds.

I can do this.
I can make it.
I can hold on until the days start getting a little longer.
Until the brown is replaced with bright colors.

I can make it . . .and it will be worth it.

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