Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That. . .

Last Saturday I attended the Seattle Gift show. We were doing a little research and investigating if this was something we want to get involved in in the future. It was fun, it was overwhelming, it was inspiring . . .
We tried to talk about it on the way home and I finally just had to say -
Enough! I need to process first.
So I am processing still.
It was an exciting environment, but when you see the rows and rows of hundreds of vendors all vying for the same business, it really is amazing. Talk about a humbling experience.
Anyway . . .
while there we met Amy. Amy has a wonderful business making soy candles and yummy smelling things.
I have a really hard time with "artificial" smells -
they make me sneeze and give me a headache
and feel nauseaus.
I avoid the laundry soap aisle at the store at all costs! 
Real scents from real essential oils . . .I have no problem with.
Amy makes these great candles, and linen sprays and things with natural essential oils
and they are Yummy! 
And the massage candles!!!
Have you seen these before?
This was a first for me. I feel like I have missed out on this great thing. But now my life can go on. . .
I L.O.V.E. them.
Light the candle, and as the wax melts you have the perfect temperature massage lotion made with soy, shea butter and essential oils.
It is the perfect temperature. No too hot like I expected.
And it makes your skin sooooo soft.
Did I say I LOVE them???
Check out her website and think of her for gifts for you, your friends, your spouse. . .everyone!

In other news -
I am working on the wine barrel. I am working on some other projects. I am trying to rebuild inventory.

These are a few examples of some 4 x 4 inch wood blocks that I have finsihed up this week.
I love working on these.
They just feel good when they are done.
A little piece with a big impact!

I'm also working through an online class with my hero.
I have never met Alisa - but I stalk her blog every single day.
I want to be just like her when I grow UP!
She is conducting an online class on sketching.
I doodle alot - but I don't really sketch.
Yes - there is a difference.
And I set a goal for myself to take more classes so that I can be inspired by new styles, new ideas, new approaches.
It's tough sometimes to attend a regular class, so I am sold on these on-line classes.
I'll keep you informed of my progress.

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Amy Vance said...

Thank you Laurie! I feel completely honored and humbled to be in this post! Thank you! I am glad you like your massage candle! Your artwork is AMAZING! Overall, the Seattle show was worth it and I know that your product would do really well. Handmade in the Pacific NW, Gorgeous, Unique, Quality, Eye-Catching and you have a great personality that buyers would love. The picture of the massage candle is amazing. I am not a very good photographer, actually, I am horrible, and it shows in the pictures on my website. Any way to get that picture so I can put it on my website?
Where do you sell your artwork now? I adore it all but specifically the chair and shoes. Would love to come make a wishlist! Thanks again! Amy Vance