Friday, February 25, 2011

The Birth of the Wine Barrel

If you are my "friend" on FaceBook, then you have some photos of this project . . .
but here is the full progression.
The barrel is completed!
So first - a little history on this project.
A friend of ours traveled to the Napa Valley this last fall for a wedding.
Good friends of his were getting married and he was the best man.
I saw photos of the wedding at the vineyard - WOW - so beautiful!
After our friend got back he sent me a message and said that he had purchased a barrel
from the vineyard and wanted me to turn it into a work of art for a wedding gift.
Talk about a humbling request . . .
his instructions were simple -
1.try to reflect the essence of the vineyard
2. Include their names and wedding date
3. Include the quote that was on their wedding invitations
4. Put my "mark" on it . . .
I think I accomplished all of the requests.

The before . . .in its all it natural glory.

The first layers of paint. The "house" and basic landscape were taken from the vineyard itself.

The back of the barrel - continuing with the hills and creating the rolling vineyards.

The vineyards are laid in . . .but now it needed some vines and grapes.

Finished up - on side. the straps were painted black, the detail has been laid in, and it is all sealed for protection. I love how the sealer makes it glisten and look like satin.

Another view . . .from a different angle

The "front"

Another view . . .

And yet another . . .

The top - including the quote and the couples name, date of the wedding and name of the vineyard.

That's it -
now when people aske what types of things
I paint on, I can truly answer . . .


Anonymous said...

Laurie, you are an absolutely AMAZING artist! How extraordinarily special for the newlyweds. What a treasure. Beautiful! - Carla Richey

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - it's beautiful and you are so very talented... what a truly amazing piece of work - love it!

Maria said...

Wow truly the most original,unique beautiful wedding gift I have ever seen! Outstanding job Laurie! Kacey still loves her rocking chair and whowever comes in our house asks about it!
Maria Rolph (Pam Polito's Sister)

Cheryl said...

Laurie, this is my favorite piece of yours yet!!! FABULOUS!

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