Friday, February 4, 2011

A completed project -

A few weeks ago, I wrote about returning from a mini-retreat and the fact that I had been overcome with the need to KNIT - a typical thing that happens to me every winter.
After all - who wants a big, warm knitting project draped over your lap when it is 80 degrees outside!
But when it is cold and the winds are whipping around . . .that's a different story.
Well . . .last night I finished the
knitting project . . .A prayer shawl made out of a thick, soft yarn - purple and black because . . .well just because purple makes me giggle with happiness!
After finishing it up, it looked a little too plain - so I added a little extra excitement with the fun colored funky yarn. I sewed it in.
 I didn't know if I liked the effect when I started and then I reminded myself - when I am painting and I don't like what it looks like, I just keep painting. When I don't like something - it usually means it's not finished yet.
 So - I took my own advice and kept adding on until it looked "finished".

And here it is . . .

I am excited to have a little something unique to wear over my shoulders when I'm a little chilly.

And since winter isn't over yet - I'm starting another project.
This time - a blanket for my daughter.
I wonder if I can finish it before the weather warms up.  Hmmmmm. . . .I'l keep you posted.


Peggi said...

I love the blanket and colors!!! It's awesome!

Ms. Cheryl said...

Laurie's Creative Dream shawl! Perfect for winters up in Oregon :)