Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Shoes!

You know that song by Paul Nutini . . .New Shoes?
He talks about starting his day and opening his closet; he puts on a pair of a jeans and a shirt
and a pair of shoes that are ripped and falling apart.
And he says - "these shoes just doen't suit me. . ."
So he gets some New Shoes and suddenly 'everything is all right!"
Now I am a strange girl.
I'm not into shoes like many girls are.
Maybe it's because I have a hard time finding shoes that fit - and I have a bad knee, so heels are not a good option.
But enough whining - I digress . . .
I have my favorite basics.
I live in them.
But eventually - you need to get new shoes.
Which I did recently.
But the old ones weren't completely ruined - so I couldn't just throw them out . . .right?
That would be wrong!!!

So they got a makeover . . .

Now I tried a pair of these about a year and a half ago -
I repainted my old clogs.
I used my acrylic paints and they looked great . . .for a while.
Eventually the paint cracked and peeled off.
They were a novelty and I still wear them around with my jeans.
But I got on a bit of an obsessive quest -
Is there something out there that will work on shoes and not come off ?

I consulted my expert friend Google.
I found that there is a line of leather paints specifically engineered for things like shoes and jackets.
I bought some basic colors. Followed the directions and they turned out great.
Now we will see how they wear.
These were fun to do and now I am on a quest to find some more to paint.
I mean - if I don't have a lot of shoes - and least I can have unique shoes - right?

What about you - have an old pair of leather shoes that you want painted?


Michele Fauss said...

these are awesome! I just love them!

Laurie Miller said...

Thanks Michele - They were super fun to do!

Giggles said...

Yes I painted my shoes, but I added texturizer medium to my acrylic paint then varnished them with flexible varnish...However they are wedge sandals that don't get as much everyday wear...but they have held up pretty nicely! Yours are amazing...love them! Great job...what brand is the leather paint...I want to check out their colors!! Thanks for sharing!!!I was just thinking I have an awesome pair of leather flats I should do...

Hugs Giggles

Ms. Cheryl said...

Happy Feet!