Friday, February 18, 2011

The Power of the Song

Do you ever have one of "those" days?
you know the kind - you wonder why you got up in the morning
you feel like you just can't find your groove
you feel like you have lost your way
you wonder if you are making a difference
were the efforts you have made over the last 20 years of your worth it?
did anyone notice? did anyone care?
you wonder if you are moving forward or just treading water
you wonder why? how? what for?
Yea . . .
you know the kind.

I had one of these recently
or maybe I had 2 or 3, but whos counting.
I came home from the day job feeling no joy or inspiration or desire to do. . .
And I'm not just talking about artistic inspiration.
I'm talking about all I really wanted to do was crawl in bed
pull the covers over my head
and let the tears flow.

So rather than choose the bed and covers -
I did go out in the studio.
And I got out some color
And I put on my ipod.

I generally have my ipod set on randon play.
I have what I have dubbed "musical ADD" or MADD for short.
I get really bored listening to a whole cd of the same artist.

I wasn't really paying attention to what was playing.
I found myself singing along a little while I painted - but I wasn't really engaged in the music.
Until one song came on . . .
"Bellavia" by Chuck Mangione.

Now if you are much younger than I am, you probably haven't even heard of Chuck Mangione - especially in the jazz/insturmental scene.
But he was big when I was in high school and since I dated a guy who played the trumpet and flugal horn, we listened to alot of him.
I even saw him in concert in the 80's.
Anyway - moving on . . .

The song Bellavia never played on the radio.
It never won a grammy or received any commercial validation.
But the first time I heard it, it burrowed it's way into my soul and has held on ever since
When I hear this piece of music it causes me to
stop and pause
to listen. . .
every single time.

It came on the ipod.
I slowed down. I listened.
I pushed the repeat button.
I turned the volume up . . .way up.
And I let the music wash over me.

And my mood began to shift.

I felt joy.
I felt hope.
I felt warmth and color.

There are so many pieces of music that speak to my soul.
I hear them and I remember emotions, smells, the weather, where I was, what was going on in my life,
where I first heard it . . .
Can you think of anything else that can have that effect on us?
I really can't.
Not to that degree.
Never underestimate the power of a song.

And just in case you have never heard Bellavia . . . click on over and let it wash over you.

And don't forget to crank the volume up!

Share your favorite song - something that is a "go to" song for you..
Maybe we can all find a new favorite.


Janiel Miller said...

I LOVE this post! It is wonderful and poetic and real. You've expressed the feelings perfectly.


Anonymous said...

YESSS! Music is medicine for the soul anyway. i feel the exact same way!
there are so many songs that do that for me, but i think of Mindy Smith, or Over The Rhine (bands) in particular. Mindy Smith = Tennessee, and Over the Rhine = Drunkard's Prayer..

love the blog! found you from Patty's at Garden of Discovery