Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fortune Reading

A dinner out with my honey.
Where shall we go?
Someplace simple
Not too fancy
How 'bout Chinese?
We eat. We talk. We catch up.
The server brings the bill and the obligatory fortune cookies.
I have this thing for fortune cookies.
I love their crispy texture and the almondy flavor.
Not too sweet.
And that oh so fun surpise inside!
I like to ponder on things going on in my life when I open them.
And then read the printed words.
I crack open the cookie and eat it.
Grandma told me years ago - the fortune won't come true if you read it before you eat the cookie.
I'm not willing to take that risk!
Finally. . .I get to read it . . .

"Your life will be prosperous if you use your creativity"

I'm so glad I didn't peek before eating the cookie.
I want this one to come true.

And in many ways - it already has.

And now for a commercial announcement:
We have just set up a display in a new shop!
Plaques, mirrors, lazy susans, prints, long boards and short boards, oh my!
Pasha Boutique
101 s.state s.#140G Lake Oswego, Or 97034

If you are in the Lake Oswego area and need a bit of cheerful color for a gift or just because,
be sure and stop by and say "Hi" to Heidi.
If not - check out her items at heron-line store.

Thanks Heidi - for letting us be a part of your great store!
Hmmm . . .maybe the fortune is working it's magic already.

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