Thursday, February 3, 2011

Painting My Way

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
3 ft. x 4 ft acrylic on wood with three dimensional elements

Full version of Ladybug chair, complete with mirrors in the center of the flowers on the back. PS - Notice the sad, empty garden beds in the background?  (Insert heavy sigh here) 

Ladybug, Ladybug . . .Fly Away Home

We've all heard the good news.
Puxatony Phil saw his shadow this week and Spring is only 6 weeks away.
That is hard to believe as I watch the news.
Record low temperatures; white out conditions; blizzards . . .
In my little corner of the country we are having an easier time, as stated in earlier posts.
We have been having beautiful blue skies.
However, they have been accompanied by frigid winds coming in from the Columbia Gorge.
I tried to walk a bit yesterday and could barely feel my cheeks by the time I was finished.
But I digress . . .
Phil says that spring is coming!
I am planning my garden of vegetables and flowers.  Yipee!
In the meantime -
I am spending some great hours in my studio.

And I used that time this last week to finish a large order for a wonderful woman.
A large painting and 2 chairs.
The large chair I posted last week.
This is the childrens chair with a ladybug theme.
The painting - well I have something similar in my home.
It hangs from the ceiling disguising a rather ugly chimney from an old wood stove.
She wanted the same thing for her home - but for the wall.
So I created a version for her.
Shhh - don't tell - but I like this version better.
The version hanging in my home was painted several years ago.
Now don't get me wrong - I like it just fine.
I have just kicked up my colors palette, my style and my "boldness" quite a bit since then. Not to mention, I have changed the brand of paints I use so the colors are so much stronger.
Do you think she would mind if I gave her the old one and I kept this one? 

now onto to the next commission piece. A large wine barrel. This is going to be fun - different - interesting.
It has a few unique problems to overcome - the first being that the surface is not exactly smooth.
I'll be sure and post pictures of the progress.

In the meantime - bundle up, stay warm - and let's start plotting out our gardens together!


helen said...

Always fun to see your colorful work!

Yvonne said...

oh my gosh, this is gorgeous!! I hopped over from Sketchbook Delight & LOVE your colours!! A good start to a dreary Tuesday :)

स्वाती गुप्ता,•♥•.श्री राधे !!.•♥•, said...

WAWOOO!!!!!!!! SUPER :) :) :) ROCKID