Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A very long bench

Problem. . .We need a coffee table.
Dilemma #1. . .The area that the coffee table needs to go is not very large and a traditional coffee table makes me feel very, very cramped.
Dilemma #2 . . .When it comes to furniture, I am:
a. cheap
b. unconventional
c. uneasy - because I know that whatever goes there will have feet put on it and drinks without coasters even though coasters are there and food set on it . . .you get the idea. I have a family afterall.
d. all of the above

What is a girl to do?

Hmmmm - how about a bench? That would be the right height, narrow and sturdy.

So I start to look -
all the benches I find are tufted and upholstered or outdoor benches with backs.
No. No. and No.
I see a bench at Ikea - it is in the clearance section.
A retired showroom piece.
That would work - but $60 for a bench that I will need to clean up and paint because it's covered with scratches?  I don't think so (see point "a" above).

I spend a moment envisioning exactly what I want.

I check CraigsList.
There's a bench - but it's upholstered. The seller says that the upholstery is torn and will need to be recovered.
 I read further - it was custom made for someone.
I email the seller - is it all wood underneath? No pressboard?
Yes it is - all wood. It is very heavy.
How much . . .$20?????
Now that works for me.

I bring the bench home - pull off the tattered fabric, the foam pad.
Thank goodness they didn't glue anything - it was all stapled.
There is a little bit of repair that needs to be done - some of the wood has seperated.
Nothing a little wood glue and puddy won't fix.
A primer base coat of paint.
A lot of color, and
A new coffee table/bench -
the perfect height and the length of my couch (6 1/2 ft.).
And no one else has one like it.
I think I found something that fit all my needs - narrow, unconventional, cheap, and sturdy.
The only thing this bench wasnt?  Easy to photograph - how do you photograph a 6 1/2 ft tall bench?
Oh well - you get the idea.
The bench leaned up against a doorway for the photo - Yes, you are correct - the bench is taller than the door.
Close up views of "sections" of the bench . . .

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Trishelle said...

I LOVE this bench! Great job!!