Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Words to Live By - Part 1

A blank canvas - 3 1/2 ft x 4 1/2 ft approx.
The smearing of paint . . .right now it just looks like a mess!

Layering in some vines

A variety of small boards and canvases will be built up for a three-dimensional feel. The large canvas in the middle will be filled with empowering statements and words. A visual meditation . . .
Here is some progress on a large commission piece I am working on. . .
this is a meant to be reflective and inspirational for an incredible young lady.
A visual meditation of sorts.
Something to look at, absorb uplifting messages and empowering words.
A gift for this young lady from her parents.
What a great way to help a daughter to feel strong and able in a society that
strives to make our girls feel just the opposite.

I have been watching my own daughters go through their individual struggles with self-worth -
feeling fearful that they are not perfect enough, pretty enough, rich enough, skinny enough. . .

Really - what are we doing to these girls?

I have been spending time pondering what messages are the most important to put on this painting.
It has been on my mind alot.
And I was driving to work today - I heard a quote by Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.
She said that the media has destroyed the music industry and turned the female performers into prostitutes.
Strong words . . .
She went on to say it is no more about the music or talent of the musicians -
but about their physical appearance and their makeup and their stylists.

Considering this project that I am working on - this really hit home.

Because in reality - our world is launching a full-fledged attack on our daughters.
Every image they see tells them they are not enough.
How do we help these young women?
How do we help them find peace, comfort and empowerment in their own skin?

In many ways - I feel like I am still working on answering this question for myself. I would love to say that I am immune to the pressure of "measuring up".
But that would be a lie.
And I really am trying to be truthful with myself and the other women in my life.
Afterall - if we don't share our insecurities with each other- aren't we just perpetuating the myth of perfection to each other?
I mean - how many times have you met a wonderful woman and thought -
"oh - she has it all. Her life is perfect. I wish I had it that easy. . ."
And then later - you learn the truth.
She has her own demons that she if fighting every day.
We all do!

Hopefully - I will be able to find the words that will speak to the heart, mind and soul of the young lady this painting is for.
And maybe - I'll find words that will help me as well.

For all you women out there -
what words or phrases or quotes have offered you strength throughout your life?

Share with me . . .share with each other!

PS - Keep checking back - I will post the finished project soon. Who knows - maybe your words or quote will be included!


jodie said...

Laurie...I am working on this very thing with girls from my Maiden Spirit circle. We are creating little booklets of sticky notes that the girls plan on "planting" at the mall on the dressing room mirror, in the school bathroom, in Seventeen! Here are some of their favorites:
You are beautiful just the way you are!
You are perfect just the way you are!
You are looking at a beautiful her!
Being different makes people beautiful!
Your beauty shines from within.
You don't have to look perfect to be perfect!
You are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen!
There is no one else like you in all the world.
and....Beauty is the truth that shines from your eyes! (my personal favorite)
I'm SO happy to see you sharing in this pursuit....may the next generation of girls love themselves for who they are!

Janiel Miller said...

Wonderful! I love this post. And I love your project. What a great thing to do for someone. I hope it helps her feel good enough and strong whenever she looks at it.

There's one for you! "You are good enough."
( I used to say that to myself all the time.)