Monday, March 21, 2011

Cold Mornings . . .Warm Evenings

I know the calendar says it is officially Spring.
But when we woke up this weekend, we were greeted by some rather chilly temperatures.
The sky was clear (for a while) and we actually saw the sun (oh how I have missed the sun).
We walked out to our front driveway and I was greeted by some beautiful art work.
The frost on one of our cars was formed in a beautiful pattern -
this would be worthy of being framed and hung on a wall.
It didn't appear on any of the other cars around - just the one. 
A little bit of Mother Nature magic. . .

The feathery pattern was so intricate and depending on the angle that I looked at it, the sunlight reflected and it all glistened.
Good work Mother Nature - good work!

Later - I decided that it was a good day for some warm weekend comfort food.
And something simple -
A pot of soup was the perfect answer to warm the evening.

Sauteing a rainbow of vegetables

Add some white and kidney beans. . .

You gotta have potatoes. . .

Herbs, spice, and everything nice . . .
A perfect meal in a bowl.
A perfect end to the weekend.

Now - Mother Nature. . .
As much as I enjoyed your beautiful display on the car this weekend. . .
as much as I enjoy a hearty bowl of comforting homemade soup . . .
as much as I enjoy curling up with a warm blanket -
I really am done with this winter thing.
Could we move spring along a little faster please? Thank you.

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