Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life's Firsts

Need to call my friends and family and let 'em know I turned "1".

Yummy cupcakes!

Did you read this text????  

Have I had cake before?

Oooh - this is pretty yummy

You should taste this. Wanna share?

Yeah - I know. Today is all about me. . .

And I get presents??? . . .Notice - I have changed my clothes because I was covered in pizza, cake and frosting.

Birthdays are cool . . .

Here Uncle Collin - you need some cake too!

A year ago, we witnessed the birth of our grandson. A miraculous experience. One I will never forget.
For the last year, this little man and his mom have lived in our home with us.
I have once again had the opportunity to witness the first year of life with all of it's changes.
Only this time - through the eyes of a grandma.
Through eyes that have a greater understanding of just how quickly this time flies by.
Through eyes that have more patience.

In the last year, this little man has learned to
hold his head up, roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, cruise around the furniture, laugh, smile, wave, feed himself, sprout a tooth . . all of the traditional milestones.
He has also learned . . .
He loves smoothies in the mornings for breakfast and ice cream really is "the bomb".
Peanut butter - though sticky - is pretty amazing too.
He has learned that balls roll.
Music brings joy - whether it is played on Nana's Piano, Papa's guitars or the toy drum. It even makes going to sleep a little easier.
Crayons make marks on paper.
Screaming gets someone attention - but it also gets a brief timeout.
A rocking chair is for snuggling.
New teeth hurt!
Nana and mom's cell phone are fascinating.
As a male - there is an uncontrollable attraction to the tv remote - even though tv is not that fascinating.
Books are great friends.
Peek-a-boo and wheels on the bus never loose their appeal.
Blowing kisses makes everyone smile.
Dinner time with the family is full of talking and laughter.
He has learned. . . what love is.

Thank you Cameron . . .for joining our family and bringing your sweet spirit into our lives.

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nanadover said...

Grandkids really are a gift! (I write this with a precious grandson in my lap.

You forgot to add that during the first year of life, little ones learn to give wonderful sloppy kisses and the warmest hugs!