Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's Fear Got To Do With It?

A work in progress . . .

A preview of a new work in progress . . .
This will be the front door of a spice cabinet that sits above a client's stove.
Based on a scripture, which will be noted on the piece, it is full of deep, warm color.
Still some more work to go - but I just thought I would tickle your interest a little . . .

Earlier, I was scanning my FaceBook and came across this wonderful note about fear. The author of this post is in Japan and was in her high rise apartment during the recent earthquake that has rocked the entire world. Her words are profound and got me to thinking about fear and the debillitating effect it can have on us.
Yes -
I know that the quake hit it Japan and they are the ones cleaning up the mess.
I know that they are the ones who are racing to make sure they are ready in case they are quarantined to their homes for several days because of toxins in the air.
They are in the middle of it.
But I also understand that this quake shook the entire world.
I am in Oregon and we were put on alert due to the after effects of the tsunami.
For an entire day, the main topic of conversation was "what if?" "when?"
My dreams have been interrupted, my muscles are tight and I have an unidentified feeling of anxiousness.
Hmmmm . . .fear?
I think so -

The article about fear by Anna was so appropriate to where I am at in my life right now.
I go through a daily dialogue with myself that goes something like . . .
"You can do what ever you want. You are worth it!"
"No I am not - I am not good enough . . .what if someone realizes that I am just faking it and the truth comes out?"
"You are good enough. Why can't you see that in yourself?"
"But what if I am rejected?"
"What if you are?"
"What if I loose everything while trying to pursue this dream?"
"Why do you assume that you will loose?"
"Am I letting my family down while I pursue this dream?"
"No- you are teaching your family that our dreams are meant to be our roadmap and we need to follow them". . .

You get the idea -
So how do you silence the voice of fear?

Anna is right - it doesn't matter if we are fearing failure, feeling fear because of lack of money, or if we are caught in a catastrophic natural disaster.
Fear is fear.
And it can be dibillatating.
It can make us stop progressing, panic and say "why bother?".
It makes us a victim.

So - for today -
I am going to take Anna's advice. . .
"chin up, deep breath, flowers on the table. . ."
I am going to turn off the tv and the computer and stop comparing myself to everyone else - especially those who are farther along in the journey than myself.
Sometimes I say - "oh, I need to see that artist, that magazine, that . . .whatever it is, for inspiration."
Reality check - sometimes it just makes me feel more like a failure.
So instead - I am going to compare myself to myself.
I'm doing better and doing more today than I was yesterday, last week and last year.
I have a husband that has loved me unconditionally for over 24 years.
I have a family that loves me and we are all doing our best.
I have amazing friends who lift and listen and encourage.
I have a job that helps to meet our financial obligations.
I get to spend time on my dream and my passion.
I have a home - a home filled with imperfections like a roof that needs to be replaced, and an unfinished yard and a dryer that isn't working - but I have a home that is warm and filled with the things and people that I love.
I have food to eat and plenty of it.

Let's get real -
let's share our fears with each other and help one another to feel the empowerment of overcoming them.
Let's lift and encourage.
Let's all lift our chins, breath deep and put some flowers on our table . . ."

What are your fears? How do you resolve them and keep moving forward? What or who helps you move forward?

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