Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Collin Davis Miller.
My son.
My second born.
He came into this world on his own terms.
He loves puzzles - has ever since he was 3.
He loves to play games.
He hates television.
He loves to garden.
It took him 4 years before he began talking in a language that we could all understand.
His older sister understood his language and acted as his translator for almost a year.
He often took himself to bed when he was a toddler.
His favorite "toys" were blocks, legos, and anything he could "build" with.
He would spend hours building entire village scenes with these.
If there is a fire - whether camping, in a woodstove or in the backyard fire pit -
he can't resist the urge to poke it.
He loved to read and be read to.
We read all sorts of books together when he was young. . .
He loved to play with rockets.
He loved to help me in the kitchen.
He gave us a unending source of pride . . .and headache!
He was the child that made my heart stop on multiple occasions.
Like when he got knocked over by a neighborhood dog and was unconcious for a short time when he was 4.
Or when I got a call from the school that he broke his finger while wrestling with a friend at recess.
Or when he split his forehead open innertubing on the river with friends and needed to get 14 stitches.
He has always been willing to take on a challenge - especially if money and pride is on the line.
Like shaving his head for $100 when he let his hair grow long and was a giant fluff ball of frizz. (By the way - I didn't pay him the money - but a respected youth leader did.)
Or when he ate a fat earth worm while we were gardening one spring for $5.
He has eaten bugs, and raw fish and all sorts of disgusting things on a dare from friends.
And this last weekend . . .
he graduated from College.
And he got his first job in the "real" world which he will begin in a matter of days.

I don't think he could have been any happier on this day . . .

With the love of his life . . .

With 2 of his 3 sisters . . .because us Miller's don't believe in stuffy photos.

And now Collin . . .it's time to move on to the next adventure.
I think it is going to be a good one!


Giggles said...

Congratulations to your beautiful Boy!! You have gorgeous children! Sounds like your son is a very very special man!! Thanks for sharing...loved hearing about him and his adventurous spirit!!

Hugs Giggles
I swear children are here to teach us more than we can ever teach them!!

Cheryl Mellema said...

This is a beautiful post! I've never been happier than when I see my children discovering happiness and succeeding!!!

The best is yet to come!