Sunday, June 24, 2012

Laundry Rules

A new commission piece . . .
laundry rules.
This order is for a family who regularly hosts Japanese exchange students.
This 12 x 20 custom piece will hang beautifully on the wall of a laundry room.
I smiled when asked to do this piece.
Knowing it was for a home with exchange students, I understood fully.
For several years, our family hosted over 10 year-long exchange students.
Most of our students were japanese,
but we also had students from Korea and Brazil.

I was humbled to think that the parents of these students had sent them a different country.
Many of the students we hosted were only 16.
They came to stay with us for a whole year.
And we were chosed to take care of them, teach them and love them.
And love them we did.
Our family grew and grew as we hosted students.

Each time a new student joined our family,
we had to teach these 16 year olds how to do many basic household chores.
Laurdry was one of those.
We also taught them
How to do the dishes;
How to clean a bathroom;
We worked with them as they learned to appreciate our food.
We taught them how to use our American showers.
We also learned much from them.
We learned how to be comfortable with silence.
We learned to try new foods.
We learned about different cultures and different traditions.
We learned that buddist and christian beliefs have many similarities.
And in the process, we learned that even though many things were different -
we are all still humans with emotions, and hopes and dreams.

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Giggles said...

Another beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes for everything you taught and learned! I can't imagine sending my child away. My bf's brother has hosted kids as young as 10 from Korea. Thankfully they are amazing loving people in a safe clean home. The parents rarely call the child...I have to admit I was shocked since I was probably stupidly over protective of my child.

I love love the sign...I think there are many people out there could use this sign. Very marketable!! I'm a fussy mother was too!! Some aren't though!! Never seen a sign like this!! Great idea!

Hugs Giggles