Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Love

My little man sharing a kiss with his mommy.

Is that the sprinkler???

I just got sprinkled!!!
Now that he is armed . . .this could get dangerous!

I tried to get him to water the plants, but the plants don't run and scream like nanna does. Shooting everyone else with water was so much more fun!

And later . . .a little garden tour. Here we are, trekking through the wild tomatoes.

More picutres from my wonderful friend Vicki . . .
She has such a way of capturing the beauty and simplicity in each moment.

I love the summer.
I love the growth of the garden.
I love the warm sun.
I love looking at things through my grandsons eyes.
I mean - really. How many of us, as adults, would laugh and smile if we were sprayed with water from the hose?
Thank you, Cameron - for reminding me of the joy that exists in the little things right in my own back yard.

Don't forget . . .Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14, we will be a the West Linn Arts in the Forest in Mary S. Young park.
Come support local artists!

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