Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Garden Delights

I have always been fascinated by the fact that artists tend to have amazing gardens.
There is something about creating a landscape of texture and color -
so rich, so vital, so alive.
Now I am not saying that I am an "amazing" gardener - I do ok. But the reality is, I plant it and water it and Mother Nature does the rest.

A few years ago, I pulled out many of the flowers that were in my backyard and replaced them with all edibles.
The season is moving fast.
And we are peaking on many of the items.
In a way-it is bittersweet.
I love to fill my dinner table with items that we have grown.
But it makes me sad - because each meal means we are one day closer to the end for this year.

Every year, when I plant I have a hard time imagining how it will grown and look by the end of summer.
How it will become a tangled mess of greens and reds and oranges and purples.

In fact - a confession - I often overplant because of my lackof foresight.
And sometimes, that works against me.

But all in all . . .
it is a delight for my senses.
Mother Nature truly is one of the best artists I know. . .

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Giggles said...

Agreed!! These are wonderful mouth watering photos!! Enjoy!

Hugs Giggles