Monday, March 30, 2009

Projects in the works -

On a recent beach trip I did a little painting . . .It was nice to work on a canvas. I haven't painted a canvas for quite a while. This was a reflection of sharing the joy of music -
I began with a blank canvas a while ago. Many times when I am painting it drives me nuts to leaves puddles of unused color on my palette. Acrylic paints dry rather quickly and can't be rehydrated like watercolors - so they are "wasted" if you don't use them. So I started painting splotches of the color on a blank canvas. I had no idea what i would do with it - just that it would supply me with a great background for something. Then I laid in the vines and such. I wanted to do a tribute to my daughters and the love of the piano that we share . . .and this is what I came up with.

This is a new chair that will be donated to the Mt. Hood Community College Foundation Auction in April. I love the idea of donating a piece to benefit a good cause - and providing some worthy student the opportunity to better their lives through education is a great cause.

This is the beginning of a custom order for a family in Kalama, Wa. Living on a farm for 20 years, they wanted a chair that reflected that life. I have just begun laying in the pattern - I will show you an update in a day or two to see how this is progressing. A cow, some sheet, a pig and a few sunflowers . . .not many details yet - but there will be soon!
So many projects . . .so little time.


nanadover said...

Love love love your art work! I need my life to slow down so I can dig out my paint brushes! Right now...paint and babies don't mix! That's life as a grandma!

Trishelle said...

Laurie, they are beautiful! I love your ability to let your art decide what it's going to be. It takes a lot of confidence and the ability to trust your gift to do that. And it comes out so amazing!