Monday, March 2, 2009

Here's to March

The finished stool . . .

Recently, we took some of my work to a professional photographer to have some portfolio shots done. What a great experience. It was so wonderful to see the work transformed into a 2 dimensional image with full color. The difference of using studio lighting, diffusers, and backdrops was well worth it. Now we have some great shots to use when we apply for the "big" sales that require some pretty heavy jurying.

Although March is only just beginning, it has been filled with frustration. Last year, I managed to stay realitively healthy. When considering all the people that come to work every day coughing and sniffling and sneezing - this was a miracle. This year I have not been so fortunate. I have once again caught the "crud" that everyone seems to be fighting. I was laid up for 3 days in February and felt that I had "served my time". But no . . .I have once again been hit with whatever this lovely stuff is and am flat . . .again.

I have never been very good at being "sick". I don't like lying around doing nothing. I get very tired of watching tv and movies but my brain is a little too soft for reading. By the end of the day, I am generally somewhat cranky and bored out of my mind. And feeling as if time is slipping away. I want to draw or paint or create something - but unfortunately, I am just too foggy in the head.

I will return with more interesting posts once I can conquer this beast. Here is to a wonderful March - hopefully full of Spring like days!


nanadover said...

Hope you feel better soon! The "bugs" are really going around. Maybe we should wear those surgical masks until it's warm enough to open windows and let the wind blow the bugs out!
The stool looks wonderful!

Trishelle said...

And conquer that beast you will. Great pics, Laurie. Although I can't say they do your work quite justice, I love how they capture your ability to create these brilliant, colorful pieces.

I love the chair and admire your skill of finding the diamond in the rough.