Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tick Tock . . .

Here are some of my newest products - clocks to get you there on time . . .or at least, to give you something to count as the minutes tick by.

These are made from something that many of us have plenty of but aren't quite sure what to do with them. A perfect circle, made from durable vinyl - yup - these are made from old record albums. I painted the front but left the back in tact to preserve the integrity of the record. So there you have it, a new purpose to an old item.

On another note - Spring Break is here and the family is all "off" for the week. I miss the days when I could spend the week at home with my kids. Even though they are much older now and would prefer to spend there time with friends on most occasions, I would still like to be able to stop the roller coaster and enjoy the week with them.

So my husband has taken the family down to the coast for the rest of the week. Although the weather here in our part of the country is not going to be "special" . . . they will have a wonderful time. The beach is always wonderful. And what a great time to hook up as a family - time to spend reading, watching movies, playing board games, napping, walking and best of all - listening to the waves crash.

I need to finish my week out here but will be able to join them shortly for the weekend. So in the meantime, I get to enjoy a little quiet time at home alone. I love having alone time to think, read, create some art, write in my journal and . . .of year, work.

What are your plans for Spring break? Do you get to partake in the week of relaxation, or do you continue life as normal. How do you celebrate the arrival of Spring? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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