Sunday, April 5, 2009

As a follow-up to the children's rocker . . .it has found a home. Here is sweet little Kacey Olivia, age 3 1/2. A few weeks ago, Kacey's mom visited the blog and saw the picture of the rocker. The last line of the post said that the rocker was "waiting for a little girl to rock her baby". Kacey's mom told me that was all that it took. She realized Kacey needed it to rock her baby. I understand Kacey has been spent many hours rocking back and forth sharing the love of the chair. Here's to many years of rocking Kacey . . .

Last week I posted the beginnings of a farm themed chair for a client in Washington. They wanted a chair that would reflect their life on a farm for the past 20 years. It's turning out pretty cute. There are a few more details left and then it will finished.

Another custom order - this chair will have an Asian theme. It will be paired with a large mirror (still to come). A few of the main colors have been laid in and this shows a few blocks where symbols and Asian themed images will be painted.

This shows the beginnings of some of the images - a bird, a kimono, some Chinese symbols and their English translations. Of course no details have been added yet - it will look entirely different by next week, but the basic foundation has been created. I'll keep you posted on it's progress.

And finally . . .what do you do with those clear glass, nondescript vases that flowers are delivered in? Evidently alot of them end up at GoodWill. I've always liked the lines of these vases, but they are so . . . boring! But not anymore. Coated with black first, and then a variety of colors laid down for the base. Then some three-dimensional detail. Finally, some sealer to give it a smooth finish and to protect all the color. It can be used to put in some fresh flowers or as a bright spot of color on a mantel. Come visit me at one of my sales this year, and you can check them out for yourself.

I have been working like crazy lately - and will continue to do so. We have some wonderful sales lined up for this next year. This weekend, we have finally had a taste of spring, with sun and warmer temperatures. Seeing the blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun did a lot for my phyche. I welcome the spring - bring it on!

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Trishelle said...

That is the coolest clear vase EVER! I love it so much I may even attempt it...I'll keep you posted.

It looks like the chair went to the right home. How great to see it appreciated!