Friday, January 16, 2009

Resolutions -

It's the new year, and if you are like me - you're already tired of hearing about Resolutions. Especially the Resolutions that have to do with exercise and weight. Why is it that we think we can only begin an exercise program or start that diet after the first of the year?

I love the concept of a new year and fresh starts, but I do get bogged down with the Resolutions. So often, it follows the same pattern. I make a list of all the wonderful new things I'm going to do. And then I get up in the morning, and all the "old" tasks are still there. Within about a week, I feel like a failure because there is no way I can fit another thing into my week - even if it is good for me. I mean really - who came up with this idea anyway?

This year, I am making a "new" resolution - I'm not going to add any more to my plate. Instead, I am looking at my life and obligations, and I am going to remove some things. Doesn't that sound easier? I resolve not to agree to anything unless I take a moment to think it through. I am the Queen of quick responses. I think it is time to pass that crown on to someone else.

I had a major "aha" moment in December. As many of you know, Oregon was given an early Christmas present in the form of the biggest snow and ice storm we have seen since I was a little girl. It pretty much shut the city down. We were not able to get out of our driveway for a week. In that time period, I was quite content to be housebound. I loved spending time with the family, cooking a few good meals, baking a little bit, playing some board games, playing the piano, painting in the studio, watching movies . . .simple things that I find a hard time working into the day. I felt content and happy.

Life is busy - and I do love it - but I also love being able to keep it balanced. And that is my Resolution for 2009. To remove those things which prevent me from keeping my balance!

Please share your resolutions with me . . .I love to hear what others are doing.


nanadover said...

Great idea Laurie! I resolve to finish some of the many projects hidden in the dark corners of my home, which means I need to find them first! This is the year to clean up and clean out!

I LOVED the time I was snowed in also. It reminded me of how much I love being home, and being a homemaker. There are too many important things to do right here, even now that I'm an empty nester!...especially with grandbabies around every corner...literally!

Laurie said...

Hi Laurie. Just for fun I googled my name, which happens to be Laurie Miller. In the process of finding out that I am not too famous, I found you! I love your blog, You look like a very creative person. It must go with our name! Nice to meet you in blog land!!! Laurie Miller

Trishelle said...

I totally appreciate your stance on New Year's Resolutions. I totally agree with you. This year, I've decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle for me and my family.