Monday, January 26, 2009

Just another Monday night . . .

Pam is a coworker who had an old chair that she had rescued. The seat had originally been woven, but had pretty much disintegrated over time. She had every intention of refinishing the chair, but time found that it was not happening. Just before the holidays, she asked me to take the job over for her. Well . . .you know me - I love to give an old chair new life.
We started by cutting out a new seat from mdf and repairing a crack or two in the rungs. That was followed by a good coat of primer. Then it was time for the fun to begin. This chair had some great lines and features. They really don't build chairs like they used to. Here is a picture of the seat . . .
Once the chair was fully painted, I added the last bit of embellishments including some copper tape, and tassels made of wire and beads hanging from the rungs on both sides.
The other project I have been working on is a painting. An acrylic on canvas, it is full of color and life - but it was missing something. I rifled through my storage area in my studio and found an old, beaten up frame that someone had given me a couple years ago. One of those things that I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Hmmmm - it looked like it might fit the painting. So I experimented with it, and sure enough, it was a perfect fit.
I covered the entire frame with black paint and then began to embelish it. The final result was just what I had hoped. The photo just doesn't do it justice.

Here's to color.

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nanadover said...

How fun! I love your art work!
I just wish my life would slow down long enough to get my paints out again!