Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Back.. .

I have been so slack in these posts - and I do apologize. The Holidays kind of took me over and I think I am still recovering. But it is a new year, new start, and new committment. So stick with me and we will see where this takes us!
So to catch up a bit - in my last post, I spoke of the Annual Miller Turkey Bowl. It was a day of good fun, good friends, and good food.

And really - what other sport lets you wear such fine looking shoes. Oh admit it - you wish you had a pair of your own!
After all of the festivities and food, it was time for family game night! The first game to be played was a rousing game of pictionary. Then we finished up with a game of Scrabble where we accomplished the impossible - we used EVERY tile in the box! I have been playing this game for years and only accomplished this once before in high school- and on that game we cheated.

December brought the Holiday Sales. This year my husband and I traveled to Seattle to participate in the Phinney Winterfest. Located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, this was a great show. We met some amazing people and saw some amazing art. I truly felt humbled to be a part. 100 artisans participated.

This was our neighbor 0 she creates beaded jewelry and purses - can you imagine the time it takes to create one of those purses? They were gorgeous.
This woman created amazing textile art with bright colors and contemporary designs. These are not your Grandmothers quilts. We loved her work so much, we brought home one of her pieces.
This artist (sorry for the blurry picture) creates unique, one of a kind jewelry out of recycled glass. She reclaims broken glass and creates awesome jewelry and gifts. Truly a one of a kind item! We have a few of her pieces as well. Check out her website - https://recycledloot.com/
This is one of our panels, all bedecked with plaques and mirrors - by the end of the show there were alot of holes on our panels. I basically have to start rebuilding my inventory now!
Phinney - you were very good to us - we will be back next year.
Now on to January. I am finishing up a few projects for some very patient clients! This is a new painting (18x24) that I just completed for Rhonda. She was a great friend who managed my booth at a mid-week holiday show at Mt. Hood Community College. Her price for working was a customized piece of art -all in black and white. The area where it will hang is all black and white - very classy and dramatic.
I finished it over the weekend, and it truly was just black and white - but unfortunately, it all blended together. We looked at it together and I suggested adding a bit of red. Life is always better with a bit of red! Wouldn't you agree? This was the final product. And I am much happier with it. It will look great on her wall.
We are just starting to process and send out applications for 2009 shows and festivals. Presently, we are working on a private sale for just in time for Valentines Day. There will be some exceptional artists with one of a kind gifts, food, drink, and chair massage. Bring your sweetie along - you get the massage, and he can buy you a gift? What could be better? Stay tuned for details . . .
And WELCOME 2009 -


nanadover said...

Awesome Laurie! Just awesome!

Trishelle said...

Yeah! You're back! It looks like you had a great/eventful/glorious holiday seasons! Excellent!