Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a GOOD Week!

You know some weeks are just good. And this is a good week - To begin with, Martin Luther King, Jr day was on Monday. A day to acknowledge a wonderful man who made a difference in our country - Also a wonderful day off from the 8-5 job. I was able to spend some wonderful time in my studio. I am working on a bright painting full of colorful figures. I will share a photo in the next few days after I finish.

Tuesday brough the Inauguration of our new President. I am so happy and hopeful. It feels brighter and more positive. I am pleased. I feel hopeful that our country can move forward. I feel hopeful that we will be able to improve financially. I don't expect it to start right away - but I believe that it is coming.

In Portland, where I live, the sun has been shining. It has been cold, afterall it is still January. but the sun is shining. I need these times of sun to lift my spirits. The older I get, the more difficult it is to endure the long gray days of winter here in the Pacific Northwest.

Tomorrow, I will join with other artists to participate in a life drawing session. I love gathering with other artists - we talk, we laugh, we share ideas, and we create. Life drawing is not my strongest skill, but I lvoe to try. And it doens't matter that it's not perfect. I go for the experience.

And to complete the "good week" - tonight is the return of LOST. There are cvery few shows that i will come in from the studio for, but Lost is one them.

Here's to a good week . . .What's been good about your week? let me know!

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Trishelle said...

Bottoms up to a very good week. I'm glad it's been a good one for you too!

We are so blessed to be in this country where we can enjoy a peaceful transfer of power, that we are making progress as a nation and we can celebrate the lives of people who have made us a better people.

Plus, LOST is on tonight!!!

I can't stop smiling!