Monday, November 10, 2008

A Vacation Day?

Tomorrow is Veterans Day - I know the reason behind Veterans Day and I am grateful for the sacrifice of those that have fought for my freedoms in this country.

This day; however, is really more of a day off. The kids don't have school and I get the day "off" from work. It seemed a bit odd this year - maybe my memory is fading in my "old" age - but I don't remember celebrating Veterans Day on any day other than a Monday. So it was rather odd when I discovered that it was being celebrated on the actual date this year and that I would be off on Tuesday. Being the practical person that I am, it only made sense to take off Monday as well and make it a 4 day weekend.
And so I have been on vacation since Friday night. Now don't get me wrong - I love having a few days off. But I don't tend to spend them the way most people would. How would you spend a four day weekend? Take a trip to the coast? Go skiing? Maybe a little shopping or a trip to a day spa? Most likely it would involve sleeping in and relaxing.

As an artist trying to grow my business while working at an 8-5 job, my days off have been spent . . . painting. For most, we are entering into the Thanksgiving season. For me, I am full blown into the Christmas season. I am working hard to build my inventory up for the holidays.

Here are a few of the mirrors I have been working on. The studio is becoming a bit crowded as we are lining up new products to take to our show.
While my days are off are spent "working" on my business, I can think of not better way to spend my time than painting and creating art. In this season of Thanksgiving, I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunity I have to develop my talents and use them to bring joy to others. I am grateful for my art and the peace it gives me. When I spend time with my paints and my brushes, the hours fly by. Painting is the first thing I think about when I wake up. I literally plan my day around when I can spend time in the studio.
And I hope that the example I am setting to my children will help them cherish their talents as well. They are all such gifted individuals. I believe that we all come into this world with a talent and drive that we are meant to develop. When we ignore those talents, it affects us in a negative way - whether through depression, or anger, or sadness. We must embrace that which we are meant to do in some way. We must make time for it everyday - even if it is only 5 minutes. Especially as women - as wives and mothers we tend to put everyone else's needs first, and in the end - we loose ourselves. I don't believe that is the way it is supposed to be. By embracing those talents and becoming the best we can, we give our children and families the opportunity to know us as a better version of ourselves.
Whatever your "thing" is - I hope you make time in your busy life to spend time doing that which brings you joy. and if you don't know what your 'thing" is, I hope that you will take the time to discover it for yourself.


Trishelle said...

Your mirrors are absolutely beautiful. May they fly off the shelves...and may you have a bona fide vacation the beach...when you wake up whenever you want, without something or someone prodding you to do so. :)

Mike and Kristy said...

Laurie, you are amazing and your talents are endless!!! You are an inspiration, I wish I lived closer so I could buy some of that inspiration for my girls bedrooms! :) I may email you.... I love to read your stories and suck in all of the bright happy energy. Technology does have its drawbacks, but I am happy to be in touch with so many wonderful friends once again because of it! :)

Laurie Miller said...

Thank you for your "wish" . . .from your typing fingers to the sales gods :). And even though I grumble about how busy my days off are - even without a show, it's probably what i would be doing. It's that ADHD thing again!

Laurie Miller said...

Kristy - Thank you for the comments and thank you even more for stopping by my little blogger world. I enjoy the Facebook thing, but this is where I prefer to reside! Email anytime - even just to chat. It is so good to be back in touch with you. And congratulations on the new family! Much has changed in your world since I last saw you.

Mike and Kristy said...

:) adding to the fun of blogging, you have been tagged!!! List 6 quirky things about yourself and then tag 6 others!!