Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gallery Opening

Last night I attended a gallery opening, complete with great art, music, food, and . . .chairs by me! This was a first for me. I have attended sales and shows, but I have never had my work featured in a gallery show until now. It was quite exciting!
Sometime after the Gresham Art Walk, I received a phone call from someone who had visited my booth. She said she was working as a curator for an upcoming gallery show and was determined that she wanted to have some of my chairs included. What a great feeling!
The theme of the show was Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. I submitted 3 chairs made especially for this show. I think my favorite was "My Blue Heaven" which featured a mermaid playing beneath the waves.
Here is mermaid chair hanging on the wall of the display.

Me, standing in front of the display.
Here's Chrissy Missy attending the gallery show . . .and what is that cool bag hanging on her shoulder?

Is that a Laurie Miller design? Yep! One of my other product lines that you can see at my shows this season. . .heavy cotton tote bags with unique black and white designs. Perfect for groceries, school books, or a bohemian purse.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me. It was really wonderful . . .now I need to return to the studio to finish up all kinds of treasures for my upcoming shows! Hope to see you there.


Trishelle said...

Yahoooo! You're art is in a gallery...Congratulations! How cool is that?!

Trishelle said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I love, love, love you!! It amazes me how you never cease to know exactly how to help. I was just reading and searching for essential oils I could try. I remember you talking about tea tree for skin ailments.

Thanks, my beautiful artistic and brilliant friend!