Thursday, November 6, 2008

I think as an adult I have finally realized that I have ADHD. As a child, there wasn't a name for it - And it was probably a good thing. My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and although it has it's "issues" for the most part it is very manageable. And maybe even a good thing.

The biggest thing I noticed as a child was my need to be busy. My mother was very wise and she noticed that my hands wanted to be busy all the time. I remember my very favorite Christmas. All of my gifts were crafts . . .embroidery projects, a kit with yarn to crochet an afghan, some art supplies. I was about 10 or 11. She told me years later that she noticed I had a hard time sitting still unless my hands were busy. Not much has changed today.
I hate to sit. I love to go to lectures, to church, to other things that uplift me. But I find that my mind wanders very easily. I love to watch movies, but get very fidgety. One day, reading a book on art, I discovered someone who spoke my language. "Always have a travel kit of supplies with you where ever you go . . ." I began collecting things - a special sketch book, a great pencil pouch, my favorite pencils, erasers, etc. At first I was self-concious about drawing in church or while waiting at the doctors office - but not any more. It brings me joy. It helps me make the most out of those moments when we feel like our time is being wasted by others. It helps to listen and absorb what others are saying - I think if it wasn't for my "ADHD" - or whatever you call it, I would not feel the drive to create.

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Trishelle said...

You know what?! I love and miss those little doodles that you do! It's one (of the many) cool things about you. Seriously. Has anyone of us who know and love you ever seen a piece of paper of yours without an embellishment? I think not...and it's soooooo a good thing.