Friday, November 30, 2012


Today is November 30th.
It is the last day of the month.
Many people on Facebook took the month of November and expressed one thing each day that they were grateful for.
I participated . . .some.
I was very inconsistent and probably only managed to make a "gratitude" comment about 1/2 of the days.
But that doesn't mean the thoughts were not being felt by me.
I saw this video today and it brought tears to my eyes.
(Of course, that happens a lot to - I am a first class boob - but regardless . . .)
Take the time to watch it.
Listen with your heart.
The poignancy of it speaks to the soul.
I spoke with a friend recently -
He had helped me with a task that for him was very easy.
For me - it was a struggle.
It was not that I couldn't have figured it out -
but time was tight and I had been unable to complete the task.
I said thank you. . .many times over.
He was surprised and wondered if I was sincere.
I asked what I could do for him - the answer was nothing.
Why did he want to help me?
What did he want from me?
Was this possible?
Have we become so jaded in our lives that when we express gratitude it is not believed?
When someone steps in to help us or gift us with time or service -
are we so jaded that we are looking to find out what they want from us?
I know that I am frequently more than willing to extend a hand of support to others and I expect nothing in return.
Why could I not believe that someone was willing to do that for me?
It made me stop and think.
So often - we relate our gratitude to big things.
Or to big events.
And yes - it is imperative that we are grateful for the big things.
But what about the millions of little miracles that occur each and every day.
We are surrounded by them.
The simplicity of gratitude is often overlooked. . .
The changing of the seasons.
The feel of the rain as it falls.
The sound of my windchimes as they sing their song on the breeze.
The smell of my home.
The ability to see.
The ability to hear.
The ability to breathe.
The ability to read and learn and grow.
The ability to get up when I have fallen.
As life continues to change in my world, I want to remember to remain grateful.
I vow to notice the little things. . .
The simplicity that creates this thing called life.
I vow to remain in the moment.
I vow to reflect my gratitude to those who are in my life -
and to those that have returned to my life . . .
who have supported me;
laughed with me;
cried with me;
lifted me; held me and
loved me.
I will honor those things and those people that have participated in the journey that has brought me to this point.
And to each of you I say . . .
Thank you.

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