Thursday, November 29, 2012


Does any word create such a wide range of emotions?
Excitement. Fear. Dread. Fear. Happiness. Fear.
Anticipation. Fear. Pressure. Fear. Joy . . .oh and don't forget FEAR!
Yet - how often do we avoid the change -
and often the wonderful rewards that come as a result of change?
Right now -
I am going through all kinds of change.
Some of it by my choice.
Some of it as a result of other's choices.
Most of it very exciting -
All of it scary.
But the main lesson I have learned from this is to be open to the change.
Overall - change can be very good.
Years ago, I remember learning that life is constantly in motion.
We are either moving forward or we are moving backwards -
we are never stagnant.
If we aren't changing and growing for the better . . .
well . . .we are going in the opposite direction.
And the only way I can find to make sure that I am going forward is to keep dreaming . . .
keep reaching. . .
keep changing.
Which, of course, then brings us back to the subject of fear.
Right now
my art business is going through a major change.
It will be good.
I feel confident that it will be great!
It started as a dream.
And the dream is beginning to become a reality.
But it is scary.
Because it has caused me to make some decisions to let go of things that I feel confident about.
Things that I am comfortable with.
But I am choosing to let go of the comfort and continue this journey forward.
Stay tuned - I promise to share details when I can.
But in the meantime - I will keep dreaming.
And envisioning where this journey of change will take me.

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Giggles said...

Oh good for you forging through the fear!! All the best on your ventures!!

Hugs Giggles