Thursday, September 13, 2012

Natures Miracle

As an artist -
I can't help but be amazed and marvel at a sight like this.
This occured on a night when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.
I had come home from work and had a very long list of things that I needed to do.
I wanted to go and work in my studio.
But my dog needed a walk.
He REALLY needed a walk.
And there was no one else to take him.
"Why do I have to do everything when I get home?"
These were things that my husband used to do - and I have been left with.
Grumble grumble grumble.
I huffed and puffed to myself and grudginly loaded the dog in the back of the car.
I grabbed the leash and his ball and the poop bags.
Grabbed my keys and my wallet and my phone -
Good grief - am I going to walk the dog or moving out for a week?
How much stuff does a person need to walk the dog.
I get down to the dog park.
I haven't decided how I feel about the dog park.
I love my dog - I love to walk him.
But I have a life.
There are these dog owners that come down there every evening and the bring a suitcase filled with toys and water and dog treats. They have collected a bunch of chairs that they stack in the corner of the fenced area and pull out so they can sit and socialize for hours while the dogs do their thing.
I don't know these people because I rarely stay long enough.
I don't know their dogs names and they all know Redford's name.
They talk for a couple hours every night.
I don't have that much time to spend at the dog park.
When I see them and stand in their midst - I feel like a bad dog parent.
It's like when I used to stand at the playground or the community center and compare myself to the other parents of toddlers.
My theory is -
get in, run him hard and move on.
That is what I was doing.
Rushing the dog. Rushing myself.
Feeling anxious at everything I still had to do.
And I stopped and turned my head.
The sun was poking through the trees and I was greeted with a sight that demanded to be acknowledged.
And once again I was reminded -
Slow down and breath or you might miss the magic.


Giggles said...

So much truth here!! Great photo!! The others live for their dogs and probably don't have half the talent you do!! Try to enjoy your weekend!!

Hugs Giggles

An'Angelia Thompson said...

A wonderful image and a wonderful post, dear Laurie ♥