Monday, September 10, 2012

Chapel of the Trees

A Bucket List item -
To see the California Redwoods.
Magnificent, old, enormous tress that can't be seen anywhere else in the world.
As we prepared for our trip to California, I decided early in the planning process that the drive would be a signifcant part of the journey.
That meant taking Highway 101 -
right through the Redwoods.
We spent 1 1/2 days in this area -
Gorgeous? Of course.
Enormous? Ummm - yeah.
But what I didn't expect -
the feeling of reverance and spirituality I experienced while standing in their midst.
As I stood at the base of these magnificent trees and looked up into their branches -
As I walked on the spongy earth, covered with years and years of needles that had dropped -
as I touched the barked and breathed in the air -
I found myself in a state of wonder.
Some of these trees have stood for hundreds of years.
Those that have fallen (like the one seen above) have become the host to new and vibrant trees.
Caring for and feeding them.
While in this area, I found it difficult not to talk in a hushed voice.
I felt that sense of reverence that one feels in a beautiful cathedral or church.
This was one of those "moments" that occured on my journey.
I felt a sense of resiliency and amazement.

We all need to experience this type of wonder and awe at the world around us on a regular basis.
It serves as a reminder as to what a miracle this life is.
That no matter what may come our way - we have the ability to continue on.
And when our time is done, our legacy can continue to nurture those we have left behind.

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An'Angelia Thompson said...

Laurie, reading your words here reminded me of the incredible awe I felt at the Grand Canyon last week. There are just no adequate words. Hugs and blessings to you. I hope your travels are peaceful and awe inspiring. ♥