Friday, April 13, 2012

Switch Plate Covers can make your room very colorful!!

A few years ago, we repainted our living room.
All new colors.
Then I put the switchplate covers back on - and they were so. . .
They were like a neon light on the wall - and not a cool neon light.
The kind that is tacky and constantly buzzes.
Not acceptable.
So I found some wonderful plain wood switchplates and customized them in my style.
WOW! I never, ever expected the comments I received.
I couldn't have received more comments if I had painted a huge mural on my living room wall.
And I realized that almost everyone feels the same way about switchplates.
They are so, so boring.
And overlooked.

All of the switchplates above are for a client.
This is our fourth go-round.
She is replacing all of the switchplates and outlet covers throughout her entire house.
We have attacked 1-2 rooms at a time.
I think we are almost done after this set -

Seriously - you cannot go through a day without coming into contact with the switchplate covers in your house.
Shouldn't they receive the attention they deserve?
PS - Custom orders are always welcomed!

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Giggles said...

Wow these are gorgeous!! I had to laugh when you said "and they were so. . .beige." I feel the exact same way!! I am NOT a beige person!!When we painted our living room gypsy pink we replaced all the outlets with stainless and I kept the old beige ones to do this very same thing one day! I have seen people paint and modge podge them... Wood would be better of course!! Stainless shows the finger prints, but yours sure won't!! Kudos to your smart client for getting you to paint these!! Wonderful job! Bet you could market them globally!!!

Hugs Giggles