Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ready or Not, Here It Comes

As I am meandering back to my office after an enjoyable lunch break
I look over to my left.

What is that?
Why are those leaves red?
What kind of plant is that?
Wait . . .
The leaves should be green like the other ones around it.

And then it hits me . . .
it's September.
Fall is coming.

Ready or not . . .it's on its way.

It's time for shorter days, cooler nights, crisper mornings.
Bowls of warm soup with crusty bread.
Changing leaves.
Doesn't that sound wonderful?

OK - I tried.
I tried to make it sound wonderful and romantic and as if I am exicted for the change.
But Nope.
It's not working.
I'm sure I will get my brain wrapped around it soon enough - but the point is -
I'm not quite done with summer yet.

I still haven't eaten the perfect peach that drips down your arm when you bite into it.
I haven't gotten my fill of watermelon.
I haven't had enough naps out in my hammock listening to the windchime.
I still haven't gone to the river and jumped into the cold water - grateful for that initial burst of cold against my hot and sweaty skin.
I haven't sat in a park listening to the music at a free outdoor concert.
I haven't even had a chance to get tired of the hot temperatures or the stale air conditioned air.
I still haven't gotten a chance to drive to the mountain to visit a lake and float around on our inflatable raft.
I haven't smelled enough warm blackberries growing wild on the side of the road.
I haven't walked around the farmers market on a warm Saturday morning gathering a basketfull of fresh produce.
I haven't heard the ice cream truck drive through my neighborhood, with it's tinny speakers blasting out the sounds of childhood.
I haven't stepped into the shower, cursing myself as the water stings my sunburned shoulders because I forgot to reapply the sunscreen - but grateful at the same time because my day was spent playing outside.

So - for the time being, I am going to ignore the changing colors on the trees.
And I am going to do my best to hold on to summer just a bit longer.

How bout you?
Are you ready for the change of season?

1 comment:

nanadover said...

AT LAST! I have found a kindred spirit who has put into words what has been on my mind every time I hear someone say "I'm loving this fall weather". I am with you Laurie! I am not done with summer! It came so late and I'm just not done! You have perfectly described my thoughts! How did you do that?