Monday, September 12, 2011

Oceanside Labor Day Sale

We had our annual Labor Day sale in Oceanside.
This was a bit different for us this year.
Mama Bear was tired.
Very tired.
I really didn't want to go to the sale this year -
Beach . . .Yes!
Sale . . .No!

Papa Bear made a compromise.
We do the sale in Oceanside as planned.
But in stead of me sitting all day for SAturday and Sunday managing things -
he would do it.

How could I turn down that offer?

So  - he drove down ahead of me and set up our space.
He managed the sale and talked to the customers.
He worked all day Saturday and Sunday.

Now don't get me wrong -
I worked too!
I had important things to do . . .
Books to read.. . .

Sculptures to design . . .
(OK - truth be told - I had nothing to do with the turtle sand sculpture. This was all my daughter and friend. -
And really - everyone makes castles.
A turtle is so much more original . . .)

There were sunsets to watch . . .

And more sunsets . . .

And I painted . . .a lot!
I mean - I worked HARD all weekend.

Do you believe me???


nanadover said...

I believe you!!!
What a guy your Jon is! I think you should keep him! He probably sold a lot just because of his smile!

Anonymous said...

And this is why you guys are still married... You're both just cool like that!

Jason 80

Janiel Miller said...

Oh girl! That's very cool! Lovely weekend. Nice boy. Lucky girl!