Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Only in Netarts!

If you are ever on the Oregon Coast and happen to travel through Netarts, Oregon -
you will pass by a little place that will make you turn your head.
You will slow down your car and wonder . . .
Should I stop?

And the answer is YES!

This is Lexi's Cool Stuff.
I mean - how can you not stop at a place that is full of Cool Stuff???

A tiny little cottage full of . . .everything.
Clothes, jewelry, paintings, dishes, chachkis of all kind.
Now, just in case you are still wondering what kind of place Lexi's is - I looked up the definition of chachki and it reads "a nicknack or 'all sorts of crap'".
Enough said.
And besides - saying it is a shop full of chachkis sounds so much better than saying there is all sorts of crap.
Wouldn't you agree?

But best of all - there is Lexi.
A woman who loves what she does.
She is living her dream.

From the second you walk in her shop, you realize that you are someplace special.
This is not your average thrift shop or antique shop.
Everything has a story -
and she will oblige you with where she found the item, how she got it back to her shop, and what the place or person from which she found it was like.

Lexi will show you around and get to know you.
She'll show you some of the cowboy boots and clothes.
She'll show you her office - a table outside in the front with a low-tech cash box that she trustingly leaves just sitting there.
She'll event show you the bathroom/dressing room with old recycled wallpaper and fringed light fixtures which a local lovingly deemed "the brothel".
There is even a handwritten sign in the bathroom that reads
"Please don't poop - there isn't a fan in here".
I mean really . . .are you going to find that kind of customer intimacy at Target?

And when you are done shopping - she will send you on her way with a fresh baked brownie.
When was the last time you shopped and were given a fresh baked brownie???
And if you don't want to eat it now - she wraps it up and sends it with you.

Only in Netarts.  Only at Lexis.

Her sign is made out of shells! See the table with the cashbox???

A large concrete hand - ready to sit in. And can you resist when the fingernails are painted bubble gum pink?

Rows and rows and rows of old creates filled with . . .(ahem) . . .chachkis!

And who doesn't need one of these??? And he MOVES! He waves at you!!!

Thanks Lexi! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

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nanadover said...

We very rarely get down that way, but it looks like we'll have to make the trip! What a unique little place. Thanks for sharing!