Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aaaah . . .Vacation!

I took a week off of my day job.
How wonderful that was.
It really is true - we need to take time to decompress, refocus, and reboot.
I mean - even our computers need to be shut off once in a while to clear out the hiccups (yes - that is a technical term :)
I found myself thinking about things like Facebook and this blog - and I didn't feel the need to get on the computer. I pretty much "checked out and unplugged."

Although I still worked hard all last week, it was a change of routine.
We had our sale at the Coast and I drank in the sun, the salt air and the sound of the ocean.
I worked in my yard and planted flowers and cleaned up our outdoor living area.
We ran errands and bought raw materials to rebuild our inventory.
I grocery shopped.
I visited with friends and family.
I went shopping . . .for me.
I went out to lunch . . .and dinner.
I went to the art store and drooled over all things creative.
My husband and I went for drives in our little Mustang and felt the wind blow through our hair.
I sat in the backyard hammock and listened to the birds and the windchimes.
I finally got the shelves in studio hung.
And I painted.
Oh how good that felt.
I finished up projects that were "almost" done. 
Like this chair . . .it's been waiting to be finished for . . .I forget how long.

And this painting that has been waiting for a frame since October . . .

And a few new projects were created - like this large mirror. . .

Yeah - it was a good week.
It makes facing a Monday that much easier. . .

So now that I have caught my breath, it's time to roll up my sleeves and get busy. The summer show season starts in less than a month!
Stay posted for dates and locations.
And keep an eye out for new prints with new themes.
What are you up to?

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Giggles said...

Sounds like a great week. Awesome when you can complete tasks and enjoy all that you adore!

Love all your finished pieces. The mirror speaks to me!! I have four chairs that need completing too!Thanks for sharing!

Hugs Giggles