Friday, May 27, 2011

Art is all around us

As I said in my last post - we recently attended a choir concert. This was a special concert because our high school choir joined to together with Oregon State University's choir. They joined forces and it was an amazing night of music.

But in addition to the music - there was some beautiful art.
The concert was held at the "Grotto" in SE Portland. The Grotto is a catholic sanctuary that is a Portland icon. As a child - it was a place of fascination for me. It sets nestled in a wooded hillside. For years, there has been a large lit cross that sits high on the hillside and can be seen from various locations throughout the city. I actually never went there until I was an adult. It is the location of a wonderful Festival of LIghts during the Holidays. We go there every year to hear our high school choir perform their Holiday music.

The chapel area is made of high ceilings with marble walls and floors. The acoustics are bright and "alive". It is a great location for vocal music. The grounds are a wonderful mix of old and new. I am particularly drawn to the old -Check out their website for a little bit of history. It really is fascinating

As you emerge out of the wooded walkway, it opens into a courtyard - and carved into the cliff is a "cave" which shrines a life-size statue. Regardless of religious beliefs, you can't help but feel a sense of reverence at the sight. What you can't see is the hundreds of flickering candles that surround the cave on either size.

As you approach the cathedral, Mary greets you on the wall -
Once inside, this is the scene that you see as you look up at the ceiling. This immense mural covers a large domed ceiling. It is showing its age in areas, but I would have loved to been around to see the work being created almost a hundred years ago.

Thanks for joining me on my little tour . . .Remember to keep your eyes open to see the beautiful art that is all around you.

And if you vacation on the Oregon Coast this weekend, swing by Oceanside, Oregon and visit with me and the other artists.

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