Monday, June 13, 2011

Is "NA" word?

A new mirror celebrating the seasons . . .
So another week has passed and we are beginning to have a few more glimpses that there is hope that the gray and dreary days of winter are leaving.
After a long week of work, I was grateful to face the weekend head on!
I spent my weekend painting in the studio and catching up on household chores.
Really - how can things get so out of control in just 5 days???
But it sure feels good when the cobwebs have been evicted from the tops of the ceilings.

I worked on several items in the studio as I continue to build the inventory.

And then came the errand running and things went downhill from there.
After our son moved out and opened up a room in the house, my husband laid claim and has been preparing to take it over. A fresh coat of paint, some general repairs and he is ready to take over.
A desk is needed - because not only will he be using this as an office/music studio/mancave - but he will be using the space to make prints and other general production work for the business that need to be done in a clean environment.
We scanned some desks on Craigslist - but they were too deep. He wanted a longer and narrower work surface.
So we talked and measured and thought and decided to create a custom work space with 2-drawer file cabinets and an old door.
Where to find a unique, inexpensive old door?
At our local rebuilding center.
So it was time for a field trip - after all, we could go to the rebuilding center, stop by some thrift shops to look for file cabinets and then wrap things up with a trip to the nursery to buy a few plants for a totally seperate project.
What could be better?
So off we went . . .
We drove across town to the rebuilding center only to find out that there was a biking event that had closed off the streets and there was no parking anywhere. We are in Portland, afterall. Strike 1.
We stopped at three thrift stores - nothing! Strike 2.
We drove to GoodWill - it was on the way.
They were closed (long story). Strike 3.
OK - last attempt to redeem this trip - the nursery.
We drove to the nursery, pulled in the driveway and watched them lock the gates.
A total bust of a trip.
We went home - maybe dinner and an outdoor fire around the fire pit would make up for the waste of the afternoon . . .but alas, Mother Nature mocked me and it started to rain! 
OK - not to be discouraged - I made dinner and after, my son and husband and I played a game of Scrabble.
Not on the computer or on my phone -
but at the table with a real board and real wooden tiles!
I made a wonderful play that utilitized touching tiles and created a secondary word . . .and it was on a double word score.  The word???. . .
My son challenged me.
Although Merriam didn't agree - the other online dictionaries said it was legitimate.
I even wasted a move on my "Words With Friends" game on my phone to make the point that I could use it.

And so . . .due to the little 2-letter word "na" my evening was properly redeemed. Because quick frankly . . .
I kicked both of their butts!!!

And if you don't think "na" is a legal Scrabble word - just remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And the utter demise of my entire weekend was dependent on that word.
So - "na" IS a word!

How bout you? Good weekend? What was the high point for you?

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