Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We recently redid our bathroom. we have living in our home for about 14 years - the longest I have lived in the same house other than the home I grew up in. After 14 years, the house begins to need repairs. The floors were needing to be replaced, and that opened up a world of possibilities. I also must confess - this particular bathroom is the only room in the house that has not been painted since we moved in. It was time!

We chose a very contemporary neutral taupe with a gorgeous olive green. We wanted a spa-like feel. The backsplash was originally an oak border -kind of bulky and very dated. We thought about throwing it out, but decided instead to try and salvage it to save a few extra dollars. But, of course, it needed a little help. . .so . . . it received my personal touch!

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Trishelle said...

You did an AWESOME job! It's so beautiful! I'll bet it's even better in person!! Great job!!

By the way, thank you so much for the encouragement in regards to homeschooling. Your input is especially meaningful since you had enough faith in me to begin with. I sure love you!