Monday, January 25, 2010

A Beach Chair

In December, I met Lorraine. When I go to various art shows and sales, I never know who my neighbor is going to be. Sometimes I sit by someone who is friendly and chatty, and sometimes . . .not. In December, while in Seattle, my husband and I sat right next to Lorraine and her family. Lorraine does wonderful work with reclaimed fabrics, felts, and wools that she hand stitches into pin cushions, needle books, and other fabric treasures. All of her fabrics and buttons and embellishments are reclaimed and recycled. They are beautiful one of a kind creations. But the best part of having Lorraine as a neighbor was getting to know her and her family!

I have met so many wonderful people at various shows. I feel truly blessed by these new friendships.

Lorraine wanted a chair that I had. But it had unfortunately sold to someone else. I told her I had one more of this style of chair at home and would make one just for her. They have property on the coast and wanted a special chair for that home. She picked out some phrases that she liked and let me know her color preferences. This is how it turned out.

I love this style of chair - and they are somewhat difficult to find. I thought it turned out really sweet. It seems to glow when the light hits it.

I hope this chair will add to the wonderful memories that are being created whenever she spends time at her beach house.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this, Lorraine!

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