Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finishing the Details

As the month of January marches forward, I find myself trying to catch up and finish up a variety of projects.

Much of our time has been spent doing things like replacing rotting floors in our bathrooms, painting and finishing details on home improvement projects.
As a home-owner, mom, business owner, and full-time employee at a day job - sometimes the hardest thing to do is "finish". I'm sure many others understand this dilemma. You put all of the energy into the body of a project - and then you run out of steam for the final details. One example - my husband and I replaced all of the floors in our living space about 4 years ago. It was such a big deal and looked so good - but then the base boards never got put in. Once the furniture was moved back into place, you really couldn't even see it - so it slipped to the bottom of the list. Well - we are finally finishing some of these things - like the baseboards and touching up some painting that has been "dinged" up.

Monday was a holiday for some - myself included. It was a welcomed day and I attended to several things on my art-to-finish list. Included was a
  • large picture frame that I purchased a while ago at GoodWill - it was primed yesterday and will be embellished in bright colors and paired with a canvas that was painted several months ago.
  • I went thrift-store shopping and collected a variety of vases to refurbish.
  • I painted the back of my chair that I sit in at my various sales. I am trying to work on personal branding on all of my display pieces.
  • I finished a plaque that I wanted for my kitchen.

And I even spent some time cooking dinner and playing Pictionary with the family. All-in-all, it feels like I am beginning to get back in the groove and gearing up for a fantastic 2010.

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