Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a busy week . . .I repurposed a wonderful desk for Linda. She gave me a pine desk that was dated in it's "country" colors, but had great bones. We took it, stripped it down, primed it and gave it a whole new look. Here are few pictures from different angles. By the time I was finished, it was hard to give it back to her. I got pretty attached . . .

At the same time, I have been working on an 18th birthday present for Kerrie. She wanted a custom made mirror. We had talked for awhile about some of the images she wanted to see - and most important - a quote that had special meaning for her. "Open your heart and let the sun shine in." There will be a few baubles and beads added to the bottom to dangle and sway in the breeze. Then it will be all ready for pick up. Hopefully it will bring years of smiles to Kerrie. Happy birthday, Kerrie!

Besides creating art, this weekend was my daughter was a milestone as my daughter turned 22. I don't understand how that could be -especially since I am only 29! Or at least that is how i feel!

We celebrated by having our annual family favorite dinner . . .a shrimp boil! It is more than just dinner - it is a tactile experience. We cook the entire dinner in a huge pot seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning. There are small potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, and most importantly . . .shrimp. We cover the table with butcher paper. Then once everything is cooked, we drain the liquid and dump the entire contents of the pot out on the table. No utensils are allowed. Melted butter with hot sauce, cocktail sauce, and a loaf of crusty bread finish out the meal. Everything is eaten with our hands. It is fun, delicious and full of good conversation. Everyone should do this at least once a year!

Happy Birthday jU-jU! I love you more than words can say. And I am so proud of you. You have turned into an incredible young woman.

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