Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me . . .

That's right . . .It's my birthday . . .well almost. My daughter was here from out of town and we spent the day doing girl stuff. Before we set out on our adventure, I was informed that I had some new accessories to wear. A sparkling tiarra with genuine plastic purple rhinestones!

Then it was off to one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, Sympatico, for omelettes and Eggs Benedict. It was wonderful and tasty. It was nice to have the morning to visit and catch up! And because of my birthday tiarra, I was treated to a free cookie - I haven't got a free cookie since I was about 9 years old and shopping at Albertsons with my mom.

And finally - pedicures. How indulgent! It was a perfect morning. (Check out those short, stubby toes!)

After a little shopping, my daughter had to head back to her home over the big mountain Then I went out with my good friend for a little lunch and girl talk. Several hours later I headed back home to find my younger daughters had picked up the house and were making dinner.

How's that for a perfect day? Good friends, good conversation, good food, no chores, and blue toenails!

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