Monday, March 25, 2013


It's Spring.
And I live in Oregon.
The place where there are all types of cliches...
"if you don't like the weather - just stick around. It will change in 5 minutes"
"oregonians don't tan...they rust"
yeah, yeah, yeah
The reality is - we do the seasons good here.
And this time of year the clouds can be so spectacular.
They are an artist's dream come true.
Big. Fluffy. layers of colors.
Yellows, oranges, blues, grays, pinks, purples...
And when I look up at them and I see the sun breaking through with rays of light reflecting color,
I am reminded of God.
And it makes me want to ask some questions...
Like -
1. Why do some people get "it" while others never quite figure it out?
2. Why does everyone think that stainless water bottles are the way to go? I think they make my water taste metalic. I don't like them. I don't like them at all.
3. Why does the plant daphne, that smells so amazing, bloom for such a short period of time?
4. Why do people take so long to learn from their mistakes (myself included!)?
5. Why can't someone invent a nail polish that doesn't chip off after a day and a half?
6. Were you having a particularly good day when you came up with hummingbirds and dragongflies?
7. On the other hand...what were you thinking when you came up with cockroaches, head lice and stink bugs?
8. Who's bright idea was daylight savings time and why are we still honoring it?
9. Knees...really?
10. And wisdom teeth? Was there a purpose that we haven't figured out?
11. Why do people think it is ok to put ketchup on eggs? Or ranch dressing on a quesadilla?
12. What is the story with the loch ness monster and big foot and UFOs?
13. Am I on the right track?
14. Why does music touch my soul in a way that nothing else does?
15. Why does it seem that whenever I really want to wear my sunglasses - they aren't with me?
16. And why do all my umbrellas seem to end up at work - but they are never in my car when I need them?
17. Why does my dog only want to jump on my bed when he is wet?
18.Why do some people work to stay in our life while others don't seem to care?
19. Why can I think of all the projects I need to get done in my studio - and then when I sit down at my work table my mind goes blank?
20. Why are some people so afraid of color?
21. And lastly...I just want to say "THANKS".


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