Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy...

Mr. Linn
Doesn't matter what you call him...he has been the most influential man in my life.
My dad.
Today marks the completion of his 81st year walking around on this earth.
His birthday.
He has taught me much.
He continues to teach me much.
He is the person I still go to for advice and confirmation that I am on the right track.
There is much that I still am learning about him.
He has lived a very full life.
He has lived his life in the state of Oregon but traveled to many other states.
He loves the ocean an often played in it with us when we were children.
I have very fond memories of visitng Hawaii with him about 12 years ago and we played in the surf together again.
He spent many of his childhood days in the Tillamook Oregon Forest on the Coast where his mother was a cook for the loggers in the logging camp.
He loved the coast so much that in 1969 he and my mother bought a cabin shack that became our refuge for years to come.
The began a remodel on the cabin in the mid-70s and turned into a beautiful refuge that they enjoy to this day.
His father died when he was quite young.
He grew up as a child of the depression and has seen amazing changes throughout his life.
He always wanted to fly a plane but his eyesight prevented that.
He did however, enter the Air Force and worked on planes as a mechanic.
He met the love of his life and fell instantly.
They married when he was 20 years old...20!!!
He has remained married to the love of his life for 60 years...60!!!
Together they have had 4 children, 18 grandchildren and 3 (soon to be 4) great grandchildren.
He believes his family is his greatest legacy.

He has lived in 4 homes since he was married and worked to make each one a place of peace and love and a place that we were all proud of.
He has worked hard ..always in sales and has started a few of his own businesses.
Some did wonderful - others struggled. But he never quit.
He loves a good practical joke.
I was the recipient of many of those.
He taught his children to work hard for what they wanted and to believe in possibility.
As children, he made it clear that we were expected to contribute -
we were treated very cruely (LOL) and expected to do chores, obey curfews, and treat our mother with respect.
He taught his children that we were worth whatever we desired - but it didn't come free.
He has incredible patience.
He has a wonderful sense of compassion and selfless love.
He always has and always will put his wife (our mother) first - thereby teaching us what love really is.
He was never shy with his affection.
I do not ever remember him leaving our home or coming home after work without stopping to kiss our mother and tell her that he loved her.
He hugged and kissed his children often.
He worked long hours - often into the evening, due to the line of work he was in;
however, he attended every one of my performances when I was growing up.
He still does...
He even brought his work associates to my plays because he was so proud.
He made me feel like a princess.
He still does.
I love you daddy.
Happy Birthday!