Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taking a Time Out . .

I started this girl about two years ago -
I liked her, but wasn't fully happy with her.
The colors were off - she just didn't feel right.
But the message spoke to me. I set her aside and was going to come back and finish her.
At some point, she ended up in a file, half completed.
It was almost as if I couldn't finish her because I didn't believe the message.
I wasn't committed.
I believed everyone else deserved that infamous "time out" -but I wasn't allowing myself that.
I had too much to do.
Recently, while sorting through files and boxes of stuff that I couldn't deal with before my move,
I came across her again.
I stared at her and thought -
it's your time to come to life.
And as I thought that - I wasn't sure if I was saying this the girl in the illustration or to myself.
I put her in my "active" file of pieces that I am working on.
Last weekend, I escaped to the Oregon Coast for a short visit.
My weekend was very, very busy -
filled with long walks, naps, reading, meditating, sleeping and drawing.
OK - maybe busy is not the right word - but it was the kind of busy-ness I needed.
Other than the long walks, most of my time was spent in a rocking chair in front of a fire.
I took a short nap and then got up. I sat in the chair.  I pulled out my drawing supplies.
I opened my pack of paper.
And there, sitting on the top, was the original drawing of the "time out" girl.
I didn't realize I had her with me.
I didn't feel right working on the original version.
That was drawn during a different time and I was in a very different mind-set.
So I started from scratch.
I drew the girl above, attempting to capture the essence of the weekend I was having.
Kicking my feet up and spending all of my energy on .... ME!
I posted this on Facebook to share with friends and I was amazed at the response form my women friends.
Obviously - I'm not the only one that needs to be reminded to take a "time out" for ourselves.
We spend almost every waking minute doing for others -
our jobs, our families, our friends, our pets, our homes, our chores...
it's hard to know where to slip in some time for ourselves.
But the lesson that I have learned over the last year - and have to keep relearning -
is that when I take a few minutes and give to myself -
I am far more productive on the have-tos.
So - I plan on taking this particular piece and sharing it with my friends -
I'm also going to make a copy for my own walls.
So here is the question - what are YOU doing to take care of you?
Is it time for a time out?


Jane Wetzel said...

BEEEEE-UTIFUL Laurie! yep..take time out..thats me today :)

Giggles said...

My daughter walked by as your blog was pulled up and ooh and awwed over this painting she loves it so much!! I am with her!! The vibrant energy the love in this painting pops off the page!! I have said this for years!! My new mantra of late has been take a break to create!!

Women spend the first years of their life doing for others....after a certain age it's time to do for themselves!! Time out is perfect!! I agree one hundred percent!!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend!! You deserve that and so much more!!

Hugs Giggles