Monday, October 29, 2012

More Upcycling

It's late Fall.
The weather is changing.
What I cook for dinner is changing with the seasons.
It's time for comfort food.
And in my world -
that means soup.
Lots of thick and hearty homemade soups.
Now when I make soups,
I use a lot of things like
stewed tomatoes and beans.
And because I am a lazy cook at times -
those items usually come in tin cans.
Depending on the soup,
once it is all assembled and simmering away
I look around and find my kitchen counter covered with tins cans.
Sometimes just one or two -
sometimes a lot more.
And although Oregon has a great curbside recycling program for all those cans -
I still feel a little guilty when I throw them out.
After a trip around pinterest and the web -
I found all sorts of upcycled ideas for tin cans.
Seriously - these are some awesome projects!
And now - I find myself wondering what other ways I can
upcycle tin cans.
I'm in trouble now . . .
I LOVE these - I mean really, really love these! Especially the contrast of the cans with the bling!

You know you've been looking for a more efficient way to store your yarn.

What a great desk organizer . . .
But this organizer is my favorite. I could so use something like this on my work table - although i would probably paint the cans rather than cover them in fabric!
Another great organizer. Love!

No need to explain - it's a great idea.

Who needs to buy an expensive cake plate? Make one out of recycled can and plates.

Finally - a way to store plastic bags, or tissues, or ???

And do these not make adorable planters? And talk about affordable. I love this idea, too.
So there you go -
Now before you throw away that next tin can -
take a minute and think about how it could be upcylced!
And if you have any other ideas - be sure to share!


Giggles said...

These are so awesome. We have a huge recycle program...that just escalated!! It's exciting because all our organics will be made into fuel to power garbage trucks. It means for a lot of deep recycling, and every piece of garbage is worked...I have three huge cans, the biggest one for recycle,garbage is taken every two weeks now and alternates with recycle...whereas organics, the equivalent to a compost are taken weekly...We've always recycled but not to this there is hardly any garbage...thankfully!! Great up- cycling post!!

Hugs Giggles -

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Just WOW! You have to stop showing me things like this, Laurie. My hoarding, er, collecting is already out of control! LOL Seriously - GREAT ideas.