Thursday, October 11, 2012


Colors are more intense.
Mornings are darker.
It's darker earlier in the evening.
Days are still warm but . . .different.
Air is crisp.
It takes a bit longer to be ready to shed the sweatshirt.
I find myself wanting to cocoon in a little longer.

I'm sad to see you go summer.
I didn't get nearly enough days to lie and around and do nothing.
But then . . . I never do.
But Fall - I am happy to welcome you in.
I have missed you.
I am looking forward to breaking out the sweaters.
I am looking forward to warm comfort foods . . .
soups, slow cooked meals.
I am looking forward to lighting candles.
Drinking hot tea.
Thick comforters.
Thick socks.
OK - I think I am ready.

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